Episode 54 – Pacifier in the Playpen

While parents around the world do all they can to protect their children, there has always been a group of people seeking to disrupt that precious balance. And with advancements in the internet age, the evolution of how these groups […]

Episode 52 – When In Doubt, Sleuth it Out

Anywhere you go in the world, people have stories of urban legends and spooky tales. Most sounds absurd or outlandish, but there are those few that contain grains of truth. You may not want to believe it, but sometimes the […]

Episode 50 – Oh Texas….

Welcome to this, our very special 50th episode!! This week, we are joined by Shea from All Crime No Cattle, Lux from Killin’ It: The Crimecast, and Georgie from Nothing Rhymes With Murder for an in depth discussion about everything […]

Episode 49 – Medically Tiny Dicks

One of the biggest hurdles in the wrongful conviction world is tactics used by police to gain confessions. This week, Janelle and Vicky want to highlight coerced confessions and discuss some of the glaring problems with these methods. For 15% […]

Episode 48 – Loose Lips All Around

If there is one thing we’ve learned from 2018, it’s that things are not always as they seem. Sometimes, it’s much, MUCH worse. Join us this week for two tales that will make you wonder if you can ever truly […]

Episode 46 – She Had Been Died

It’s cold outside so we are keeping it cool in here! Keeping with our winter theme, this week we talk frozen bodies. From here in the US to across the pond, we’ll warm you up with these tales of murder […]

Episode 44 – Violent Piano Duets

This week, the BTC brings you two mysteries that include the FBI, a locked room, a bible verse, a strange phone call, and of course peculiar deaths! Join us as Janelle and Vicky look at two cases that continue to […]

Episode 43 – Friends Help Friends Find Friends To Eat

Happy Halloween BTC listeners! Welcome to the only Halloween episode you’ll ever need. You can check out The Thirst HERE United Press International – “A Teenager Accused of Holding His..” Ancestry – Teacher Murdered in Townsend, Mass. Vice – “Interview […]

Episode 42 – The Redeux

Hello BTC Listeners! We are back this week with the episode that almost wasn’t. Today we provide you a slight pallet cleanser of white collar crime before jumping into a very gruesome episode in a couple weeks. Enjoy! You can […]

Episode 40 – Ya Nasty

Hey there Listener! Most weeks we cover some of the most wild crimes in the world. But we are switching it up this time, and discussing one of the most controversial underground industries, Murderabilia. From John Wayne Gacy’s prison uniform […]

Episode 41 – The Lost Tapes Part 2

Hey there BTC listeners! This week we’ve got a special treat for you! An extra special thanks to Tiff Weech for putting this together. We will be back with regular episodes in 2 weeks!

Episode 39 – The Pee Pee Fire Starter

This summer may be hot, but we’re gonna make it even hotter with this episode! Vicky and Janelle take on two wild and strange arson cases asking the tough questions. Like can you really escape a house one fire with […]

Episode 38 – That’s Super Juicy!

There’s been alot of buzz recently around the new DNA genealogy techniques being used to close decades old cold cases. Janelle and Vicky cover two of these such cases, and the implications this kind of testing might have on the […]

Episode 37 – Good ‘Ole CCTV

All too often, the victims of unthinkable crime and violence are the youngest among us. And even more shockingly, these mere  children act as the offender. This week, Vicky and Janelle discuss two cases that cover these adolescent offenders and […]

Episode 36 – Sounds Like Frostbite To Me

This week on The BTC, we take a look at conspiracy murders. You know that feeling when something isn’t quite adding up? Get prepare to have that feeling for the next 90 min as we tell you these truly bizarre […]

Episode 35 – Eat, Pray, Kill.

Travel with the BTC  this week as we hop to pond for our UK killers.  Janelle and Vicky will discuss two killer that will make you think twice about jolly ole’ England. You can check out The Cutaways Podcast HERE! […]

Episode 34 – Jerry! Get the Gunpoint!

Not long ago, before victim impact statements were the norm and DA’s actually worked with victims (sort of), victims and their families had almost no role in the criminal justice system. Today, the BTC is looking at two cases that […]

Episode 33 – Is It Juice?

Often on The BTC, we discuss various crimes and the victims of these crimes. But very rarely do we talk about the people who represent these folks in a court of law. Today, we aim to change that, by taking […]

Episode 32 – But What About the Semen?

This week on the BTC, the ladies cover a range of topics. From FOSTA/SESTA to serial killers, this episode has it all! Join Vicky and Janelle as they discuss the sex work industry and the dangers these women face everyday. […]

Episode 31 – So, Your Mom Goes To College…

Hey there BTC listeners! We’ve got a brand spankin’ new episode for you. What is it about you ask? This week, Janelle and Vicky look at families that kill together. Their family bonds may keep them together, but what happens […]

Episode 30 – It’s Not Cold…It’s Arctic.

Hello  BT listeners! The ladies are back again and this time, they’re talking cold cases. Vicky and Janelle take a look at two very different, but equally unsolved cases. Will these cases ever be solved? Tune in this week to […]

Episode 28 – Happy Anniversary!

This is a very special episode from the BTC crew to all of you. We have been bringing you content of the crime kind for ONE WHOLE YEAR! So to honor the occasion, we have put together a smashing episode […]

Episode 27 – Thrice Deletion

This week, we travel to the land of maple syrup. That’s right, Canada! Things seems peaceful but Canada houses some of the most brutal murders in the world. Join Janelle and Vicky as they discuss two of these such cases. […]

Episode 26 – Quadruple Shamalamadingdong

While the Olympics may be wrapping up on the opposite side of the world, Vicky and Janelle are here to bring the only coverage of the sporting event you will ever need. Join the ladies this week as they look […]

Episode 25 – For Science!

This week, Janelle is befuddled, Vicky talks Ivy League, and they both ask alot of questions. You can check out We’re All Just Pretending right here! Crimefeed Article People Magazine: Murder at Dartmouth Press Briefing on Toni Keller Investigation

Episode 24 – Dr. Scott!

We true crime is brought up, it’s hard to discuss the subject without talking about the unsolved disappearances of people around the world. Often times, these investigations provide more questions than answers. Vicky and Janelle will look at two of […]

Episode 23 – The Lost Tapes Part 1

Hey there listeners and welcome to 2018! This week, we bring to you an extra special treat! A special thanks to Tiff Weech for putting this together for us. We will be back with a regular episode in two weeks!

Episode 22 – Insert 80’s Metal Riff Here

Here we are on the final day of 2017. We’ve had some laughs and talked about some very crazy and intense things. So, in the spirit of keeping it interesting, we’ve decided to close out the year with a “Wildcard” […]

Episode 16 – The Power of Yoga!

What could possibly be worse than one person on a killing rampage? Two people on a killing rampage. This week, the ladies take a look at killer couples and why these duos are especially dangerous.

Episode 15 – Short. Sweet. Basic.

Here at The Bad Taste Crimecast, we’ve discussed over many episodes the tragic loss of life that happens all to frequently. On this episode, Vicky and Janelle will highlight some positive things that are only made possible from these harrowing […]

Episode 14 – The Internet. What is it?

Once the world wide web finally became a household commodity, the world suddenly became a ton smaller. It has made it much easier for offenders to commit crimes and much more difficult for authorities to track. On this episode, the […]

Episode 13 – So Much For Keeping it Light

On this episode of The BTC, Vicky and Janelle bring you stories of survival. So often we discuss stories with gruesome and many times tragic endings. This time, it’s about the ones who made it. Join us this week for […]

Episode 12 – Number One Draft Pick

We all have our firsts. Your first job, your first car, your first kiss, but what about your first murderer? On this episode, Janelle and Vicky reveal the first murderer that pulled them into the true crime world. Their answers […]

Episode 11 – What’s Weirder Than Rocks in a Hole?

The day has finally arrived. The girls have finally made an episode about their favorite topic…CULTS! That’s right! This week, Janelle and Vicky talk about just two of the many organizations that took religion to the extreme. You too may […]

Episode 10 – This isn’t Shawshank!

The BT gang is back again! And this week, we are bringing another very special episode. Vicky went on location in Philadelphia to visit the Eastern State Penitentiary, the oldest prison in the United States. The girls discuss the history […]

Episode 9 – You Tell Me Mythbusters!

Thanks to recent technological advancements, the forensics field has never been more on the cutting edge than it is today. This has also allowed many scientific bodies to reevaluate the techniques used that now fall into the category of “junk […]

Episode 7 – We’re Cleveland 10’s

Aaaah Cleveland. Known for the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, Lake Erie, and a few of the most insane and intense killers in the United States. This week, the ladies talk about two of these monsters and why Ohio […]

Episode 4 – Black Widows

Has your significant other done something to make you say, “…I could murder them!”. Well the ladies we discuss on our show actually did just that! Join Vicky and Janelle as they take a look at what makes a killer […]

Episode 3 – Crazy Mother Trucker

This week on The Bad Taste Crimecast, we take a look at how serial killers use the interstate highway system to distribute their victims’ bodies across the country. Next time, you may think twice about being polite to the strange […]

Episode 2 – Hail Satan

Starting in the 60’s, the would started to face a new threat that soon became known as the “Satanic Panic”. Join Vicky and Janelle as they explore why this panic swept the nation.

Episode 1 – You Can’t Write This Shit

Have you ever wondered where the ideas for horror movies come from? Episode one of The Bad Taste Crimecast will explore some of the most insane and horrific murders that served as the inspiration for a few key horror flicks. […]